We have carried many different blankets since we opened our doors, and none we have found can compare to the Big D Magnum #54. This blanket has all the features you are looking for, and then some. The Magnum offers a 2100 Denier Rip stop outside that will stand its ground against the rowdiest of horses. For the longest time we would go through a few blankets winter because they were always getting ripped, stepped on, and thrashed.

The Big D Magnum 2100 denier pair perfectly with a high end 210 denier taffeta lining with 300 grams of fiber. The lining is nice and soft but also a strong enough denier that it is durable. The 300 grams of fiber has been tough enough for all the weather we have faced, and based off of customer reviews, has held its own in some pretty bad weather conditions as well.

When Big D created this blanket they really thought everything through. There is nothing more annoying then when you put a blanket on a horse, and 2 minutes later it has slid out of place and is rubbing your horse. They installed a very strong velcro closure with double buckles on the front to keep the blanket in place. This blanket will not slip down over your horses shoulders and rub them raw. They also added fleece at the withers to prevent rubbing in that area.

The double sewn, heat sealed seams take this blanket above and beyond. The seams are already double sewn for double the strength, but then they go through every seam and heat seal it. When you seal the seam it ensures it will last longer, and keeps the seams from splitting completely open. The material that they have sealed the edges with is a strong canvas material that also adds to the strength of this blanket. I am telling you no horse can stand up to this blanket!

They take it a step further by sewing all the way down the rear darts instead of just folding it over like all of its competitors do. When you sew that rear dart in place they are ensuring the blanket will fit your horse the same for a very long time. When a dart comes undone it lengthens, and widens the fit of the blanket. This makes it so the blanket slides around more, which in turn gets it stepped on and ripped. Every single stress point on this blanket is also double sewn. Big D really wanted to make sure that this blanket was going to last the consumer a long time.

Some of the other features it offers is a self closing, reinforced, fitted tail piece. This tail piece won’t get tucked up under the blanket, and spreads nicely over the horses tail so it won’t rub it out. There are removable rear elastic legs straps if you don’t like using rear leg straps, as well as bias surcingles.

This blanket is also machine washable, just make sure you let it drip dry and don’t heat dry it.

The Big D Magnum is the best blanket we have found on the market today, and we know you and your horse will love it too!

It is available is sizes 68-86.

Head on over to http://ropingsupply.comproduct/magnum-big-d-horse-blanket/
and get yours today!

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