Bits & Curb Straps

Bits and Curb Straps

Bits and curb straps are essential supplies for horseback riding. At Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply, we offer a wide range of these materials to choose from. Whether you're looking for a simple snaffle bit or a more complex sunflower hinge port, we have what you need. Learn more about the different types of bits and curb straps below, or browse our collection to find the perfect fit for your horse.

What Are Bits and Curb Straps for Horses?

Horses need bits and curb straps to wear while they are being ridden. Bits go in the horse's mouth and help the rider control the horse while riding. Curb straps go around the horse's head and help keep the bit in place. Our collection includes both to ensure your horseback riding gear is complete.

Types of Horse Bits and Curb Straps


There are many different types of horse bits, each with its own purpose. The type of bit you need will depend on the horse you are riding and your personal riding style. For instance, a snaffle bit is a common type of bit that is suited for general riding. Its simple design helps riders control the horse's speed and direction.

Meanwhile, you might want to consider a shanked bit if you are looking for a bit with more control. This type of bit has a long metal rod that extends from the mouthpiece. It is often used for training or racing horses.

Curb Straps

Curb straps are also available in different styles. The most common type of curb strap is the leather strap. This strap is made from soft, flexible leather and helps keep the bit in place while you are riding.

If you are looking for a more durable strap, you might want to consider a nylon strap. This type of strap is strong and can withstand more wear and tear, suited for hobbyists who find themselves riding horses more often.

You will find a wide variety of bits and curb straps in our collection of rodeo supplies. We are dedicated to providing everything casual and professional equestrians need to stay well-equipped in the saddle. Whether you're just getting started or you're a seasoned rider, we have the staples you need to help make your ride a success!

Best Bits and Curb Straps in Spanish Fork, Utah

When going horseback riding, you must be well-prepared with the proper supplies. That's why riders in Spanish Fork, UT, trust Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply for all their horse supplies. With standard and complex horse bits and curb straps available, our collection is unrivaled, making us the go-to destination for all your riding needs!

We have staff members ready to point you in the right direction of a fulfilling horseback riding journey. Whether you visit our store or prefer shopping online, our team is standing by at your service. Discover high-quality horse curb straps and bits for sale in our store now!

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