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Anyone who works with horses knows that they require a lot of equipment. To ride a horse, you’ll need a bridle, reins, saddle, stirrups, and bits. Some of this equipment is specialized depending on what your horse is doing. For example, horses competing in rodeo events are fitted with a port bit.

What is a Port Bit?

A port bit is a type of bit with an upward curve at the center of the mouthpiece. The bit is shaped like an upside-down “U” and relieves pressure on the horse’s tongue while applying more pressure on the mouth. This gives the rider the better control necessary for races, dressage, and rodeo events. While they all have a curve in the middle, there are many styles suited to different purposes.

Port Heights

The port height determines how tall the arch in the center of the bit is. The port sizes are short, high, or medium.

Short ported curb bits have a low curve, relieving slight pressure on the tongue and adding slight pressure on the horse’s bars. A low curve has a looser fit for well-trained horses who don’t need much instruction.

High versions have a much taller curve in the center. It puts much more pressure on the bars and relieves the horse’s tongue. It is a harsher fit and should only be used when the rider needs to give the horse specific instructions.

Medium varieties fall between the heights of the short and high bits and are used on horses that need more direction than the short bits offer.

Port Styles

These bits are available in a variety of styles, such as a low port curb bit. The port itself may be solid or jointed, and the mouthpiece can be solid, chain, or twisted metal.

A solid version means that the mouthpiece, including the port, is all one solid piece with no hinges or joints. This bit does not relieve the horse’s tongue but still applies pressure to the bars. Solid versions are also called spoons or spades and are the most severe type of bits.

A bit that is jointed is made up of separate pieces flexibly joined together. This allows the rider to work one side of the reins at a time. A bit may have a joint in the center, also called a hinged port bit, or joints on either side attaching it to the rest of the mouthpiece. Some bits may have joints in both positions.

On a ported chain bit, the port is attached to a chain mouthpiece rather than solid metal. These bits help keep the horse’s shoulders up while still allowing the horse to move laterally. Twisted wire port bits use woven wire in place of chain and are more severe.

How to Choose the Best Port Bit For Your Horse

When choosing port bits horses respond to, consider your horse’s temperament and the type of activity that they’re doing. Different competitions require different sets of commands, so choose your bit accordingly. Additionally, do not use a harsh bit on a horse who doesn’t have experience with them. Instead, start with something more relaxed and work your way up.

Frontier Trailers and Roping Supply has a variety for whatever you need. With our wide variety of heights and styles, you can choose an option that feels like it’s tailored to your horse. Once you’ve ordered the perfect port bit, you can focus on training your horse to crush the next competition.

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