Chain Bit

Buying a Chain Bit For Horses

The chain bit your horse wears matters. Our artisanal chain gag bit offerings add security and control and adapt to your riding style for a smooth journey every time. Here at Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply, we love horses, and we love to ride. That’s why we only select the finest gear, with both horse and rider in mind.

High-Quality Chain Bit for Horses

Chain bits are not just an accessory - they keep you (the rider) in control and stable in the saddle. We carry all different types so you can find the one that works best for your riding style.

We never sell bit chain products with twisted wire formulations - all of our products come with luxurious chains that will not harm your horse or cause pain. The bits used in the past are inhumane - our bit selection looks great and feels great, too.

Chain Bits for Competitive Riders

Bits are a great way to add personality and style to your ride. Stand out from the crowd and your competitors with our unique and intricate chain bits specifically for show horses. We use the best quality metal and materials for our bits. Our shanks come perfectly measured and cut, so your horse looks its best during competitions.

Showjumpers and rodeo riders love our ornate ported chain bit for horses. They are slightly more aggressive than the standard bit but not uncomfortable for the horse. Barrel riders also benefit from our antique-style bits, as the rustic aesthetic is perfect for showing off your skills at the rodeo.

So, how can a chain bit for horses help you compete? A stable head and neck make it easy for your horse to navigate barrels and over obstacles - all while keeping you secure in the saddle.

Chain Bit for Horses & the Casual Rider

Not all riders compete, but they still need a stable and controlled ride. We have several low-key styles perfect for everyday rides or training. Our casual bits are not as decorated as our competitive-style bits, but they still do their job effectively!
Casual riders benefit from a bit almost as much as competitive equestrians. Using one gives you control over your horse in rugged terrain and maintains balance. Our collection of bits for non-competing horses, consists of snaffle-style bits with plenty of room in the tongue and cheek areas.

Chain bits increase communication and the connection between you and your horse. You will have better control going uphill, downhill, jumping, turning, and transitioning to gallop or trot. A bit is a great way to train your horse for everyday work.

Our bits are an excellent choice for horses that need more finesse and communication from the rider. If you're looking for chain bits for your horse, contact us today at (801) 798-7903, so we can help you find the perfect fit!

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