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Many advanced riders will use correction bits for horses — just because it has “correction” in its name doesn’t mean that it is used to correct training issues. In reality, they are intended for experienced horses and riders and are often used in various kinds of competitions and reining shows. At Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply, you can choose from a wide range of correction bits, and we also offer many shank styles.

What Is a Correction Bit?

A correction bit for horses is a tool with a flexible port and joints; the mouthpiece applies pressure to the horse's tongue. These correction tools are used on combination bits, gag bits, and shank bits where there are many configurations to choose from. They can also be made from sweet iron, stainless steel, and copper, and the shank styles can be plain, have a silver overlay, or have an antique finish.

Western Correction Bits

The western correction bit for horses is used to train horses that don’t obey rein aids. In the hands of an inexperienced rider, this tool can be harsh on horses. It should only be used for a short time by experienced trainers to correct a specific problem. If you have a “hard-mouthed” horse, a correction bit can send a clear signal to the horse that’s ignoring its rider.

This is delivered through the nutcracker effect of the mouthpiece along with its amplified curb action. However, they should only be used for training purposes, and should not be used for everyday riding. Because of the severity of the punishment it delivers, they aren’t allowed in some disciplines.

Types of Correction Bits

We offer a wide range of correction bits for horses at Frontier Roping Supplies, where you can choose from the following:

Dee Ring Bit

This type offers a compromise between an eggbutt and a full cheek snaffle that has a vertical shank extending above and below the mouthpiece. These are joined at the top and bottom through a D-shaped ring by the swivel joints. This helps to prevent it from pinching the corners of the horse’s mouth.


This is a common and multi-discipline type of cheek piece used for snaffle bits. It provides lateral stabilization while helping to minimize the rings that pinch the edges of the horse’s mouth. Moreover, it joins the rings with swivel joints, making the eggbutt a more comfortable option for many horses.

Colt Correction Bit

This bit is the ideal upgrade from a ring snaffle used during the training process for young performance horses. This bit provides a loose shank side pull with large rein rings to provide lighter contact, while the copper mouth can keep the mouth responsive and wet.

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Training horses isn’t easy but you can enhance the experience through our useful tools. We provide a large selection to choose from, and you can be sure that we only offer the best correction bits for horses. Call our team today at (801) 798-7003 for more assistance.

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