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Buy Horse Martingale Collars

If you are shopping for horse martingales for your roping partner, we have the best available options for sale. Whether you need a German martingale collar or a Texas training fork, we have the perfect horse martingale harness for you. We have a selection of martingales fit for any horse-and-rider combo to help train your horses and ensure proper head position. You can choose from a standard German-style martingale collar, a training martingale horse bit, or a roper’s horse collar. Our horse martingales are also high quality, functional, and affordable. Whatever your preference is we have the one that works the best for you.

Why You Need a Martingale for Horse Training

A martingale for horse training helps your horse keep his head down and trust your judgment. If your horse keeps throwing its head back when you are trying to ride, it could be that they are getting anxious. They might throw back their heads to express their frustration with your direction.

Often, younger or more headstrong horses will toss their heads as a tactic to scare their riders into letting them have free rein. But if you want to be in control and work with your horse as partners, you first must teach your faithful steed patience.
Martingales for horses prevents your horse from throwing its head back towards your face. Once forced to stay in position, your horse will have no choice but learn to follow your lead. Though older horses may still have a habit of tossing their heads, a martingale for horse training can help influence their behavior and keep you from becoming distracted in your tasks.

Improve Your Riding with a Martingale for Horses

Using a martingale for horse training and control can help teach your horse to trust your direction. Our available horse martingale replacements and products are suitable for any horse’s age and occupation.

Whether you are a roper, a barrel racer, or other, a horse martingale collar can help you build a better relationship with your steed. As they learn patience, your horse will learn to work with you instead of against you. With the help of a martingale horse collar, you and your horse will improve your relationship and team working skills. This will help you to become a better rider and roper.

If you need to replace an old horse martingale collar, your horse will benefit from a new one, as it will prevent them from slipping back into old habits. A new horse martingale will also give your horse stability and comfort so they know when it is time to get to work.

Whether you’re shopping for martingale collars or are in need of other horse tack supplies, you’ll find everything you need at Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply. We pride ourselves on quality and performance and provide equipment that is made to last. Shop with us online or call (801) 798-7003 if you need more assistance in finding the best products for you and your horse.


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