Ported Chain Bit

Ported Chain Bits

The ported chain bit is an excellent choice for a horse with a soft mouth. It allows the cheek to be elevated from the shoulders due to its versatile fitting features. You can adjust the ported chain mouth to fit one wrinkle in the horse's mouth and lose a curb strap to fit three fingers.

This ported chain mouth bit is effective as it relieves the horse's tongue. The chain feels light on the bars, and the horse can easily lift their head and shoulders. This bit helps make corrections easier because it allows independent rein action.

To control a horse, you need to apply pressure to seven specific points on and around the face. The points are the mouth, tongue, lips, nose, chin groove, poll, and the roof of the mouth. The lips are meant to control the width and height of the ported chain bit.

Choosing a Suitable Ported Chain Mouth Bit

A horse has seven pressure points around the head where pressure is applied to control the horse. The horse will react according to the pressure applied to the points. The following are the ported chain bits available for use:

Low Port Chain Bit

This ported chain bit applies direct pressure on the reins. The direct pressure bit acts on the tongue with the bars in a straight snaffle. The sides of the bars are in a jointed snaffle and then join the lips and the corners of the mouth. This ported chain mouth bit leaves a distance between the upper and the lower jawbones when the horse closes its mouth. No matter the thickness, this ported chain bit is comfortable over the tongue, and no bar cuts into the tongue.

The High Port Chain Bit

This is considered a leverage ported chain bit and works together with a curd chain. It comes with a straight mouthpiece attached to the long metal shanks.

This bit acts on the nose, lips, bar, chin groove, and tongue. The action on the ported chain mouth will serve as a snaffle while the curb works on the lower jaw. Note that the longer the metal ported chain mouthpiece, the greater the pressure.

When choosing a suitable bit, you need to look at the shanks because of the bend towards the horse's body. This will decrease the severity of the leverage when using the bits. With hundreds of bits available in the market, it is crucial to choose a mild one. The mild ported chain bit allows the horse to work efficiently.

Best Quality Ported Chain Bits

When shopping for a ported chain mouth bit, make certain that you look through all of our options for the best fit for your horse. We ensure the best quality products and stand by our brands. Our ported chain bits are light so that your horse will not get injured. If you need more assistance contact us to guide you through buying our ported chain bits for sale. We’ll help you find the best one that allows your horse to effortlessly move the head and shoulders.

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