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Wither Straps

Wither Straps For Horses

Whether you ride horses for pleasure or have a first-place goal in mind, wither straps are something you should have in your toolbox for your horse. Just like you use a saddle, reins, and Cactus Ropes, these are vital in horseback riding.

There's nothing worse than leading a horse race and then falling behind because the breast collar is slipping. Even if you're on a lengthy ride with your horse, the breast collar slipping can cause the horse's pace to slow and cause your horse discomfort. Don't be that person who falls behind in the race or can't make it home on time due to your horse's breast collar falling.

Wither straps for horses are the perfect tool to help lift the breast collar above the point on your horse's shoulders. The wither straps are secured on both sides, and most come with adjustable buckles. The adjustable fasteners make it easy to put on and allow the straps to fit almost all horses.

Why You Need Wither Strap Horse Collars

So, you know why people use wither straps for horses, but why should you be using one? Some horses don't have an issue with the breast collar slipping, but that doesn't mean it can't happen to you. Wither straps are perfect for horse races because the breast collar slipping can cause you to not perform at your best. During practice, it's one thing to not function at your best, but during a race, that's the last thing you want, especially when something like the breast collar slipping is preventable with the ride equipment.

With the use of a wither strap, you'll be able to keep the breast collar from falling and hone your craft without silly mishaps from occurring. Not only do wither straps for horses keep the breast collar from falling down and out of place, but it also gives you unrestricted movement. When the breast collar slips, it has a domino effect. This piece slipping can cause the saddle to slip and, therefore, place your weight in the wrong spot on the horse's back.

Improper weight placement is not only uncomfortable for you as the rider, but it can put unnecessary weight and strain on the horse's kidneys and back. Using wither straps can help prevent all of this. Once you try using one, you won't remember why you ever rode a horse without it.

Plain Leather Wither Straps For Horses

When searching for the perfect wither strap for your horse, we've got you covered. Our collection of wither straps has something for everyone. We only want to carry the best wither straps for horses at Frontier Trailers and Supplies. We offer high-quality wither straps, and we are confident you'll be happy with your purchase.

We have simple, plain leather wither straps for horses and more decorative ones that offer unique designs. If you're looking for wither straps for sale, trust that we have just the product you're looking for. You can buy wither straps for horses online, and you'll get to use them quickly.
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