Cactus Saddlery Relentless Orthopedic Gel Saddle Pad


Cactus Saddlery has been creating great tack and saddle pads since they started. They have paired up with Trevor Brazile to create the Relentless line of tack and saddle pads, and that has taken them to the next level. The Shock Absorbing Gel Felt Pad is a saddle pad that will change yours and your horses life. It provides great shock absorption for your horse, and prevents any injuries to your horses back. It is made out of a dense wool felt combo that has shock absorbing gel inserts. This saddle pad is cut out of one piece and is made in Texas.

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Dense wool felt, 31″x30″ 1″ Thick
Shock absorbing gel inserts
High quality orthopedic felt bottom
Contoured shape
Reinforced cutout over the withers
High quality wear leathers

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