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HEEL-O-MATIC creates one of the most popular sleds on the market today. This is their Heel-o-matic pro sled that offers a manual controlled speed for the hop. It offers the Heel-o-Matic Patented Hop so you can practice your timing when heeling. It also allows you to practice while the sled is stationary, and have the legs still move.  With the Heel O Matic Rear dally kit you can practice your dallying while heeling without hurting you or your horse. It also offers collapsible horns so the header doesn't have to remove their rope every time.



    • Control Boxmanually controls speed of hop with battery system run by Manuel control box on board computer chip technology.

    • Practice timing-with our patented Heel-O-Matic Hop.

    • Capable of stationary timing practice. – Which allows you to rope on the ground or standing behind with your horse etc.

    • Rear dally kit – allows heelers (and horses) to practice dallying

    • Turning Head & collapsible horns – great for headers/head horses to practice dally, corner control and position.

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