SWAMP WRAP is the newest dally wrap to hit the market! Made in  Louisiana this is the dally wrap that bites back! It is offered in two colors, Green and Pink, and is made out of a durable rubber with lots of grip! Since this dally wrap has hit the market it has been flying off our shelves and ropers have been loving it! When you are looking for the best dally wrap on the market this rubber offers all the qualities ropers look for.

ITS DURABLE! This rubber is very durable. We gave some samples to a handful of ropers here in Utah and when we asked them how they liked the rubber one of the things they loved about it was the fact that it didn’t burn up as quickly as some of the other rubber they had tried. It lasted them double the time that all of the other rubber they have tried did, and it didn’t discolor their rope.

IT HAS A LOT OF BITE! This rubber also offers a lot of BITE!  When it comes time to dally this rubber won’t let your rope run through your hands. You can trust in this rubber to get the job done and not let the rope slide! Your rope will grab the horn quicker which will result in faster times.

THICKER THAN MOST! Have you been looking for a rubber that is thicker than most? The swamp wrap is your answer. This rubber is thicker than most, and is 1” wide. With the bright green and pink colors people are bound to ask you what kind of rubber you are using at the team roping this weekend.