Different Types of Halters for Your Horse

Different Types of Halters for Your Horse 

Reviewing all the different types of halters might leave your head spinning, especially if you’re a new horse owner. There are many to choose from, and depending on the activities you and your horse enjoy together, you’ll need different types of halters lining the walls of your tack room.

Types of Halters for Your Horse 

Here is a quick rundown on the basics:


Leather halters are common because they provide great value and they’re functional. You can use a leather halter for turnout and trust that the material will break if you horse gets caught on something, whether it’s a fence post or a tree branch.

At the same time, you may be able to repair a broken leather halter. There are a wide range of leathers to choose from, from less expensive to high-end options. You could get padded leather or find an option that gives your horse a personalized, monogrammed nameplate.


Nylon halters are easy to clean with soap and water, but they are not ideal for turnout. Nylon is much more difficult to break, so it could put your horse in danger if they are caught by the halter. Horses should always be supervised while wearing a nylon halter. The benefit to this material is that you can order it in bright colors. If you happen to lose it, this makes it easy to spot!


You can use rope halters for supervised handling, but again, it’s not an ideal choice for turnout. Make sure you know how to properly attach it to the horse, as halters made of rope sometimes require special knots to secure them in place.

Breakaway Halters

Specialized breakaway halters are often made of leather, but they could be made of a mix of nylon and cotton as well, with leather on the crown and other areas that are designed to detach if the horse is trapped.

Shipping Halters

When you’re transporting your horse, a shipping halter is specifically designed for use in a horse trailer. It may be made of material similar to a breakaway halter, but also have plenty of padding to absorb moisture and protect the horse’s face.

Grooming Halters

Grooming halters are only meant for use during a grooming session, never for turnout or handling. They are extremely loose, with the intention of allowing brushes to reach underneath. This makes them likely to slip off, so make sure your horse is always supervised while wearing this type of halter.

Convertible Options

It’s possible to convert some nylon halters into grooming halters. You may be able to find detachable padding you can put on a leather halter when you want to use it for shipping.

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