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Horse Tie Downs For Sale

A horse tie down is helpful for horses in maintaining balance and stability during movement. Horses use their necks to balance, and a tie down will limit their head movement. You will typically find these straps used with a noseband.

Riders can select from a large variety of horse tie down options for sale in different styles, materials, sizes, and colors to suit any individual’s needs or preferences.

What Is a Horse Tie Down Used For?

This piece of equine equipment consists of a strap that runs from the noseband through to the girth strap.

In the Western discipline, riders will enlist in a tie down to aid the horse in keeping their balance when they are moving at high speeds and quickly maneuvering while changing direction. It is a common element to barrel racing horses but can be helpful in other applications.

A horse tie down strap will keep your animal from rearing its head and losing control or balance, especially in small spaces.

Do I Need to Use a Horse Tie Down?

Not all horses or situations will require using a horse tie down and noseband. For example, riders will often use this equipment when there is limited space in an arena, or their horse will not have many strides between barrels to gain momentum.

Keeping a horse on pattern and holding momentum is critical for optimal movement and maneuverability. A horse tie down strap can provide the support to achieve this. Although it should not be too tight because you risk your animal constantly pushing against it.


What Is a Horse Tie Down Keeper?

Some riders can become frustrated trying to eliminate the tie down strap from moving to their animal’s legs. In these situations, a string, piece of leather, or better yet, a tie down keeper can ensure that it does not interfere with your horse’s movement.

These tie down keepers are a piece of material with loops to attach to the breast collar and secure the tie down out of the way.


Horse Tie Down Essentials

Not every horse tie down will suit all animals or their riders. The one you choose should keep your animal balanced and in the middle of where you need them to be at all times. Ensuring your horse has a proper fit breast collar is critical to secure the tie down safely between the legs.

A horse tie down strap should not be more than three feet in length and will fit correctly to give the proper headset on your horse. If they push against it too much, the neck and shoulder muscles can become tight from constant pressure.

Stiff or rigid materials can feel uncomfortable on your horse if they are not used to this tool. Choose softer materials if your horse is young or has no prior experience with a tie down.

Be sure to approach your animal gradually when getting them accustomed to using a horse tie down strap. Choose the best material and both you and your horse will be better for it.

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