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Are you looking for a high-quality nose band that provides the ultimate comfort for your horse? Commonly seen in fast-paced equestrian events like barrel racing and calf roping, the nose band helps to provide better communication between rider and horse. Another option many riders also choose is to use a horse nose band tie down. These provide added balance when your horse makes quick directional changes while maintaining speed and precision. We provide top-rated brands, like Martin Saddlery and Oxbow, because the proper fitting is essential when it comes to the performance of your horse. Whether you need a single rope, double rope, or a simple harness with a cavesson, we are proud to offer a wide range of top-quality leather horse nose bands that will fit your every need. Browse our complete collection today.

What Is The Purpose Of A Nose Band?

While there are several types and styles, the most common type used is a plain nose band, commonly called a cavesson. The primary purpose of using a cavesson is to help keep the horse’s mouth closed while encouraging proper contact with the bit. When training young horses, this helps the horse accept the bit and prevents unwanted behaviors like crossing the jaw or holding the tongue over the bit. This will also help to keep the bit in place by putting pressure on the bridge of the nose and underneath the chin groove. Choosing the right horse cavesson can sometimes be a challenge. With our expert knowledge of the roping industry and our top selection of nose bands, we’re here to help you determine the best one for your specific needs.

How To Properly Fit A Horse Nose band?

Our nose bands for horses are made with the best leather stitching, are adjustable, come with stainless steel hardware, and are created with quality, performance, and comfort in mind. Ensuring a proper fit is crucial. All nose bands should be fitted for the individual purpose of the rider and horse. It should usually sit below the horse's cheekbone and above the bit. They should be snug but not too tight, or this will cause unwanted stress on the horse. For a proper fit, it needs to be able to flex its jaw correctly without visibly opening its mouth. Using the two-finger rule to judge where the nose band should fit is a common practice.

There is no magic formula for choosing the best type of equipment for your horse; however, we believe in providing high-quality gear at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that our products and services will help your horse perform at its best while ensuring amazing comfort and control. Don’t let your competition pass you by. Browse our collection of high-quality nose bands to help take your competition performance to the next level.

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