Fly Protection

Fly Protection for Horses

If you ride or own horses, you're undoubtedly looking forward to summer. However, the heat comes with a pesky fly problem. Horse flies feed on blood and can give your horse a severe bite, causing it to get upset and act agitated; needing you to have fly protection for horses while riding. Flies also swarm in the corner of horses' eyes to drink fluid, which can lead to bacterial eye infections.

Get the best fly protection for horses from Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply to get rid of troublesome fly problems and horse eye infections. We are one of the best online gear and supplies providers for all of your riding and horse needs. We enable ranchers, cowboys, and rodeo ropers in Utah to fulfill their demands and needs by providing them with the best equipment, gear, and supplies.

The Best Fly Protection for Horses

Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply offers the perfect solution for your horse's fly protection needs. We have everything you need, from a horse fly mask with nose protection to a horse fly mask with eye protection, a comfort fly sheet, bodyguard spray, and fly repellent. We provide premium fly protection products from EQ Saddlery, Professional's Choice, and Chashel Company, all of which are well-known brands that supply top-of-the-line horse accessories. Our fly spray and repellent are also manufactured by top-tier brands including Revenge Horse Stably, Tri-tech, and Curicyn, which are renowned for their effectiveness and high standards of quality.

Our fly protection sheets and masks are not only designed to keep your horses safe from flies and insects but are also carefully designed to keep you safe while riding, competing, or performing. Our fly masks, comfort sheets, and neck covers are made from high-quality materials that guarantee your horses' safety as well as their comfort while wearing them. Our fly protection products feature breathable jersey mesh material, comfortable fit, and universal size, and the masks ensure no visual obstructions for your horse.

All of our fly protection for horses provides UV protection while also keeping flies and insects at bay. Additionally, our fly protection sprays and repellents for horses are of world-class quality, designed to keep pesky flies and insects away from your horse, barn, and outdoor spaces. They are formulated using ingredients that have been proven to be safe for humans, and especially for horses and other animals.

Get the Highest-Quality Fly Protection for Horses

For the ultimate fly protection for horses, get it from a reliable and well-known supplier. Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply can protect your horses from insect bites and help you avoid accidents while riding by providing high-quality gears and fly protection.

Contact us today and take your horse-riding experience to the next level.

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