Introducing Your Kids to Roping

Roping is a storied, fascinating sport that countless people worldwide enjoy. If you have a deep love for roping, you’ll want your children to share in your enjoyment. How can you successfully introduce them to this activity and spur a love for roping in the next generation?

Spark Their Interest

Roping is best experienced at a real, live rodeo. Take your children to an event and let them watch the sport’s best performers in action. When they get a feel for the excitement and intensity of the experience, they won’t be able to stop thinking about trying it for themselves.

The event might even have kid-themed contests to help your children see that they don’t have to be full-grown to participate.

Start with a Dummy

Just like adults, kids do best with roping when they begin practicing on the ground. Attach a dummy to a bale of hay and buy your kids a rope sized just for them. You could even get them their own cowboy hats, too. Teach them the basics, and challenge them to rope the steer head in as few swings as possible.

Make Sure They’re Professionally Trained on Horseback

Before children try roping from the saddle, they need to be completely comfortable on horseback. With the help of a trainer, your child should learn how to trot, canter and turn quickly. When they are confident on horseback and their instructor believes they are ready, only then should you introduce roping on a horse.

Match Them with the Right Horse

Safety is always the top concern of any parent. The primary way you can ensure your child is roping safely is to make sure they’re riding the right horse. The horse should be accustomed to child riders, the feel of a rope touching them and the sound of it swinging above their head.

Outfit Them with the Proper Equipment

Make sure they have a helmet when riding. You should also consider having them wear knee and elbow pads. Even though the ultimate goal is to prevent falling, you should prepare for every scenario. Also, besides ensuring they have the right rope, roping gloves will help protect them from blisters.

Encourage Daily Practice

Just like with any activity that takes a significant level of skill, daily practice is the primary factor in helping children develop an effective technique. Since making roping practice a chore will only make them less likely to want to do it, try to turn it into a game. Use competition and prizes to keep children engaged and practicing frequently.

Bring your children with you on your next visit to Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply, and let them pick out their own roping gear. We have plenty of products fit for every member of your family, even first-time, beginner ropers.

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