Should You Buy a New or Used Horse Trailer?

Should You Buy a New or Used Horse Trailer?

Which one fits the bill — a new or used horse trailer?

Your reasons for going with new or used may not be the same as someone else’s, but all horse owners must make sure their trailer is the right fit for them and their horse no matter the make, model or year.

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Ask yourself the questions below when shopping.

Does it Fit Your Horse?

You want your horse safe and comfortable while traveling. Measure your horse precisely, and then measure the inside of each trailer you’re considering. Will your horse have enough room to balance itself by spreading its legs and moving its head and neck?

Curved ceilings and wheel wells on the floor can cut down on your horse’s space. Regardless of whether it’s a new or used horse trailer, it has to have enough floor and head space for your precious cargo to be comfortable.

Does it Fit Your Lifestyle?

Once you know it’s a good fit for your horse, think about how you’re going to use it. Will you be traveling long distances? You may want to consider a trailer with fifth-wheel living quarters to give you a place to rest after a long day on the road.

Does your trailer of choice have enough storage space for all your tack and gear? What is your truck or SUV capable of towing? Does it have the right type of hitch?

When Buying Used, Consider Safety and Quality

If your search has led you to a used horse trailer, it’s up to you to check every nook and cranny to make sure you’re not overlooking any damage. Check the flooring and the sides, making sure there aren’t any sharp edges that could harm your horse.

Your trailer also must have working windows for proper ventilation. It’s possible to find a used horse trailer of high quality — look for signs that it’s been well taken care of before you buy.

When Buying New, Look for Value

If you’re considering buying a new horse trailer, make sure it has all the features you want. You’re looking for value, so you want to see good workmanship in the trailer’s construction.

You Have Countless Options

Whether you decide to buy a new or used horse trailer, Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply can help you find the horse transport vehicle that fits your needs and your budget. We have a wide selection of trailers. Call or browse our website for listings, then visit us in Spanish Fork to check out the model of your choice.

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