Horse Trailers

Buying a Horse Trailer that’s Right for You

Purchasing a new trailer for your horse that’s right for you can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider before making your purchase, including the size, model, and price range that you’re willing to spend on your new horse trailer. Other factors to consider are making sure that the trailer is compatible with the type of vehicle you will use to pull your new trailer and how many horses will be in your trailer? After careful consideration of your needs, give one of the below options a try.

Bumper Pull Horse Trailer

A bumper pull horse trailer is also called a “tag along.” These types of trailers are a popular choice for someone looking for a small trailer that can hold a maximum of one to three horses. Keep in mind that these do not provide suitable living quarters for horses.

Generally, the bumper pull horse trailer is the safest option for horses and is a brilliant solution for short-distance travel. They are usually fitted with weight-distributed hitches which mitigate any swinging around. These trailers conveniently hook to the frame of your vehicle with a bumper hitch and work effectively to transport one to three horses comfortably.

Horse Trailer Camper

A horse trailer camper is a trailer with a pull-out camper attached. They provide a convenient place for owners to rest when traveling long distances with their horses. Owners are also able to stay close to their horses during travel. These trailers are economical, easy to set up, and help save money that would otherwise go to lodging costs.

Live In Horse Trailer

A live in horse trailer, used by many horse owners who are required to travel long distances, is another convenient option to consider when shopping for the perfect trailer for your horse. Live-in trailers have rooms for horses in the back. They equip the front of the trailer with living quarters for the owner containing a kitchen, bedroom, and washroom amenities. They come with an added cost, but the benefits are they are more luxurious than other trailers, come in several interior options, and are great for owners who travel long distances

Slant Load Horse Trailers

Most slant load trailers are large enough for horses to travel side by side. They feature a back gate for entry. Some models also include a side entry gate with extra storage space available under the slant.

These tend to be on the smaller side compared to other options listed, which can be inconvenient for transporting a number of horses. That said, if you’ve only got a small group going, then these trailers are simple to use and transport.

At Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply, we have all the supplies and equipment you could ever need for your horse. If you need more information or additional help with selecting the best horse trailer for your needs please contact us for more assistance by calling (801) 798-7003.

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