Team Roping Tie On & Quick Release Devices

Rope Quick Release Devices & Team Roping Tie Ons

Roping Supply has quick-release lead rope products to fill all of your needs, whether you need a device to use in team roping or need something for everyday use. We carry only high-quality, durable, long-wearing rope quick release systems. Our products are verified and endorsed by veterinarians and used by professionals, so you are guaranteed to find a well-vetted system that’s right for you.

A quick-release lead rope for horses is an important safety item that should be part of any professional’s toolkit. Use a rope quick-release mechanism to easily free your horse from its tether if the animal becomes anxious or panicked. When roping, use it to release a roped steer from your saddle to prevent tangling, a wreck, or possible strangulation of your horse.

Why Should You Use a Rope Quick Release Unit?

The traditional tie-on system is hard on your saddle and can result in nasty wrecks if you can’t get the steer loose. When deployed correctly, a rope quick release system improves your solo roping performance and makes competing in team roping easier and safer.

Team roping quick-release tie-ons have become more widely used in competition during recent years. A quality quick release lead rope keeps you, your partner, your horse, and your steer safe during roping by reducing the risk of shock, traumatic injury, and wrecks. A good quick-release unit also helps prevent your saddle horn from breaking due to extreme stress and tension.

Shop Our Top Quality Quick Release Lead Rope Mechanisms

The Fast Back Quick Release is our most affordable rope quick-release system and a suitable option for people on a budget. It’s a streamlined, easy-to-use system that doesn’t skimp on quality. A nylon strap secures the unit to the saddle horn, while the metal quick release mechanism provides a low-profile, easy-to-access quick release system.

Another excellent team roping quick-release device is the Chute Help Easy Now QR2. This quick release lead rope for horses has an Easy Now shock-absorbing technology that stretches to absorb impact when the steer is roped then releases easily once the tension is released. It installs easily to the saddle horn with adjustable tension straps and comes with an optional recoil guard to prevent injury from snap-back.

The Rope Smart Hock Lock Tie On is another great rope quick release unit. Unlike other systems, it allows the roper to adjust the length of the rope, providing greater flexibility and convenience when roping at different lengths. It mounts easily and securely to the saddle horn and allows the rope to move at a full 180 degrees to the horn without binding.

We offer reasonable prices and financing options on all our products. Browse our collection of efficient, affordable rope quick release options now at Roping Supply.


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