3-Strand or 4-Strand Rope?

3-Strand or 4-Strand Rope?

Aficionados agree that three-strand or four-strand ropes both work effectively, but each has its strengths and weaknesses.

For a beginner, the choice can be confusing. If both types of rope are popular and both get the job done, which one is the right choice for you?


What’s the Difference?

Think about durability when deciding between a three-strand or four-strand. A four-strand will most likely last longer and it typically performs well in all types of weather. However, a rope made with only three strands will be more lightweight.

It Comes Down to Preference

Most ropers will tell you that the biggest difference between the two is in how they feel. A four-strand rope is wound more tightly, and the ridges of each strand are closer together. A three-strand feels looser.

But it’s not just the number of strands that make a difference in how the rope feels, it’s the material that’s used as well. A nylon rope will feel different than a poly rope.

Your best bet is try out a combination of different types, made with either nylon, poly or a nylon-poly blend. Through practice, you will find the ideal fit for you. You’re looking for comfort and performance, and your final choice comes down to personal preference.

Store Them Safely

Once you’ve decided on a rope, make sure you have a place to put it. The best spot to store your ropes is in a strong nylon bag where they’ll stay dry. Find a bag that will hold all the ropes you own and provide some extra room for storing other supplies, like your powder and gloves.

Don’t Forget Gloves

If you’re just starting out with team roping and haven’t caught your first steer yet, you may underestimate their power. You absolutely need durable, fitted roping gloves, or else you will have painful rope burns that will land you on the sidelines. Be sure to pick up a pair and get used to throwing your rope while wearing them.

Final Tip

You’ll also need a rope strap to comfortably keep your rope on your saddle while you ride. Both leather and nylon options are available, and you can easily attach it to your saddle on your own. This will keep your ropes, whether three-strand or four-strand, safe and secure.

Check out the wide selection of roping supplies available from Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply, located in Spanish Fork, Utah, or shop online and enjoy free shipping throughout Utah.

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