Should You Get a Horse Turnout Blanket?

Should You Get a Horse Turnout Blanket?

A horse turnout blanket is good for horses with specific needs that live in cold or wet climates.

As a caring owner, you’re wondering if blanketing is right for your horses, or if they will be fine relying on their natural body heat. When do you really need a horse turnout blanket?

horse turnout blanket

What Are the Benefits of Blanketing?

If you own a show horse that is fully or partially body clipped, they don’t have the winter coat necessary to keep them warm on subzero nights and rainy, snowy days. If they are aging or cannot grow a thick winter coat, they may also need extra coverage.

If you’ve recently transplanted them from a warm climate to a cold climate, their body will not have had time to begin generating a warm winter coat, so horses in these circumstances can use blankets.

Outfitting your horse with a turnout blanket can resolve all of these issues and ensure the horse stays warm and healthy, especially if you live in a climate that regularly reaches 10 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. It can also keep them clean, which is an added convenience for you, especially if you show them regularly.

Is Blanketing Necessary?

Blanketing isn’t always necessary. Every horse is different. You will be able to tell — a cold horse will shiver, since this is their body’s natural way of producing extra body heat. A hot horse will sweat underneath the blanket.

Sweating is dangerous because it can produce a chill. Eventually the horse could become ill and spike a fever. The purpose of blanketing is to improve horse health, so keep a watchful eye on the horse’s response to ensure blanketing is having a positive effect.

What Size Blanket Is Right for My Horse?

The tendency of many owners is to buy blankets that are too large. A loose-fitting item will rub and chafe, ruining the horse’s coat and making them uncomfortable. It could also get tangled up when they walk or run.

Make sure you find a horse turnout blanket that fits snugly. Keep in mind that even the best-fitting blankets may mat their coats, so you may need to layer other cloth underneath to protect their hair.

What Are the Different Types of Horse Blankets?

Remember that a horse turnout blanket is different than a cooler or a stable blanket. A cooler is designed to regulate body temperature as the horse cools down from a workout, ensuring their temperature doesn’t drop rapidly.

A stable blanket is designed for indoor wear, helping keep them warm while they are in their stall since they aren’t able to walk or run to generate their own body heat.

A turnout blanket is different — it’s waterproof and comes in a variety of different sizes and weights. You can select the type that matches your climate and fits your horse.

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