5 Tips to Help Improve Your Team Roping Skills

5 Tips to Help Improve Your Team Roping Skills

Your team roping skills need some work. You’ve plateaued and you aren’t sure how to reach the next level.

If you’re ever going to come home with prize money from your next roping competition, you have to put a development strategy into play. Try the following five tips to boost your team roping skills before your next event.

Team Roping Skills

1. Work with Your Horse

If you don’t have a seasoned, mature horse that’s acquainted with competitive team roping, staying consistent will be more difficult for you. It’s imperative to work with your horse every day.

To start with, choose a horse that’s been trained to work with cattle. Overly excitable horses may not be able to focus, especially in a competitive setting, so research the ideal horse for you, then spend time and money on professional training.

2. Record and Replay Your Runs

When you’re going through your runs, have a friend record your technique. Watch yourself later so you can get perspective on your throws. Watching a replay can help you identify the downfalls in your mechanics and help you fine-tune your team roping skills.

3. Simulate High-Pressure Scenarios

Don’t wait until competition day — set up a high-pressure scenario during your training sessions. If you practice handling pressure now, you won’t be spooked later when it’s time to perform in front of a crowd. Do timed drills or engage in a friendly competition with your buddies. Exercise mental fortitude regularly to build up your confidence.

4. Overuse Your Dummy

Ask any experienced roper — practicing daily with their dummy helped them achieve success. It’s important to practice your throws. You will develop your technique, a better feel for the rope and muscle memory of the action. Only through practice will you be able to get to the next level.

5. Ask for Tips from an Expert

Sometimes you need a practiced eye to help spot problems. One of the best ways to improve your team roping skills is to schedule a training session with a roping expert. They can quickly give you pointers on what you’re doing wrong and feedback on what you’re doing right. They will tell you what you need to work on, and this can guide your future training sessions.

When You Need Supplies

Perfecting your team roping skills takes patience and dedication, but it also requires the right equipment. You can trust Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply for all your tack and equipment needs — order online or visit our store in Spanish Fork.

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