Do Horses Need Supplements?

Do Horses Need Supplements?

Do your roping horses need supplements they aren’t getting from their regular diets? Managing the health and nutritional needs of your competitive equine friend is one of your biggest responsibilities, and you want to make sure you’re getting it right.

Horses need supplements when they aren’t getting the proteins, amino acids, fats and vitamins they need from their regular, daily meals. First try making changes to your horse’s diet, and if you don’t see adequate improvement, consider a supplement.

horse supplements

When you add supplements, you’re exerting a higher level of control over the horse’s nutritional intake, and this typically pays off with improved health and well-being.

Four Types of Horse Supplements

Depending on what they are struggling with, whether it’s anxiety or digestion, your vet might recommend supplements from more than one group. Typically, horses need supplements to address one or more of four main issues.

-Skin and Coat

Your horse’s coat should be smooth and shiny. If it’s dull, it could point to the need for a nutritional supplement. Products geared toward improving coat appearance will target low iron levels and include vitamins to help resolve digestive issues.


Horses that have been injured or are simply aging may need additional joint support to ward off stiffness and pain. Many supplements help prevent joint problems, relieve symptoms and promote healing.


Nutraceutical horse supplements aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, so it’s up to the horse owner to use these products carefully. It’s possible to successfully treat a range of conditions and illnesses with alternative treatments like nutraceutical supplements.


In many cases, horses need supplements to stay relaxed and calm. They may have low levels of vitamin B1 or magnesium, and simply reversing these deficiencies helps improve their temperament.

What Are the Benefits of Adding Supplements to a Horse’s Diet?

Benefits depend on your horse’s deficiency. A horse with a dull coat may get thicker hair and healthier-looking skin with an increase in keratin and collagen production. A horse that spooks easily may act much calmer while taking certain supplements, even when encountering would-be triggers.

What to Look for in the Product

Make sure you talk with your vet before adding a product to your horse’s daily routine. They will help you select a supplement that will be easily digested and absorbed and have a high nutritional value, enhancing overall health as well as correcting any noticeable deficiencies.

When your horses need supplements, purchase products you can trust at Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply.

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