First Time Buyer’s Guide for Roping Supplies

First Time Buyer’s Guide for Roping Supplies

Purchasing your first roping supplies is exciting. You’re about to begin a new hobby, and you can’t wait to get started.

Finding high-quality roping supplies that match your skill level is an important step in the process of becoming an expert roper. Without the right tools, you’ll become frustrated and won’t develop your roping prowess as quickly as you’d like.


Since you must buy plenty of other items, such as a horse, a trailer, a saddle and more, you want to save money where you can, but you want your roping supplies to be durable and effective.

Check the three key characteristics of team ropes below before making a purchase.

The Feel

One of the factors you should consider when you’re buying roping supplies is the feel of the rope. When you’re a beginner, you want to work with a rope that’s as soft as possible. The softness of a rope is known as the “lay.” The stiffer the rope, the harder it will be to learn with, so opt for extra soft when you’re shopping for roping supplies as a beginner.

The Diameter

Team ropes typically have a three-eights-inch diameter. When the diameter of the rope is three-eighths inches, it’s known as “true” or “full.” When the diameter is smaller, it’s described as “scant” or “light.” Starting out with a true three-eighths-inch rope is fine for beginners.

The Length

If you’re buying a head rope, expect the length to fall between 30 and 32 feet. Heel ropes are a bit longer — up to 35 feet. Initially, you should probably get a head rope. Since it’s shorter, it will be easier to take care of and lighter to transport.

Take care not to purchase a ranch rope right away — these can reach up to 60 feet, are extremely bulky and not made for roping practice.

What’s it Made Of?

Beyond the lay, diameter and length, you’ll be able to choose the material it’s made from as well.

Nylon is a popular choice for team ropes because it can withstand extreme temperatures. Poly ropes are also good because they don’t stretch the same way nylon does. Many ropes feature a nylon/poly mix so that you can enjoy the benefits of both.

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