The Best Rope for the Best Run

You train for months and years for only a few seconds at a time in the arena. There is no time to waste on a run as soon as the chute opens. The last thing you want is for your equipment to get in the way. That’s why, here at Frontier Roping Supply, we make sure your rope is the best one for the job. Below are rope suggestions based on your level and run type:


beginner-ropeHaving a soft rope is key for beginners. Gaining control is much easier with a pliable rope such as the 4-Strand 25’ Frontier Kid Rope. Starting out with a shorter rope that’s simple to maneuver will make a difficult skill that much easier to learn. If you’re a beginner and you want to skip the youth and kids’ sized rope, make sure the rope you choose is still soft or even extra soft.


header-ropeWhen it comes to team roping, the header and heeler have different specifications for ropes. The header’s rope should be softer and shorter to provide the flexibility and quickness during the run. The Frontier Ropes Fusion 4 Strand is a great option. It is 31’ in length and made out of a strong yet pliable nylon-poly blend. You want a strong yet soft head rope to achieve the fastest time.


heeler-ropeThe main difference between a heeler’s rope and a header’s rope is the length. A heeler’s rope ranges from 35-36 feet. The rope should also be more stiff and rigid to catch the calf’s feet. The Lone Star Titan with 4-strand synthetic fibers has the larger diameter and toughness you need. Making that perfect catch is easier with the proper rope that matches your specifications.

Calf Rope

calf-ropeThe rope used in steer roping, calf roping, and break away roping should, first of all, be reliable. The rope is central to the success of the run. Your roping technique will fall short without a sturdy rope. The Fast Back Iron Silk is made by hand and excellent for calf roping. Fast Back Ropes also carries the Edge, which is a 4-strand texturized poly-blend. It will hold up in all weather conditions and retain its elasticity and strength run after run.

Rope Bags

rope-bagBased on your event, experience, and position, you’ve picked out the rope you need. You could just throw the new rope in the back of your truck or trailer. But the better thing to do is to put your rope in a rope bag to keep it in optimal condition. Frontier has bags that fit one or several ropes. The Cactus Ropes Triple Rope Bag can hold up to nine ropes and features plenty of padding as well as a durable exterior.

Roping Supply

Roping is a sport that could be your hobby or your career. Either way your rope is the central ingredient to a flawless run. By utilizing our expertise, we can help you find the rope that is best for you. Now get out there and have some fun!

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