How to Make Your Horse Trailer Secure

How to Make Your Horse Trailer Secure

Traveling with your horse means you need a horse trailer that’s strong, dependable and secure. It’s exciting to bring your horse to competitions or a new place to ride, but if your horse trailer isn’t up to the task, the experience can quickly turn stressful and dangerous.

How can you make sure your horse trailer is in the best condition before your trip?

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Use the Right Tow Vehicle and Trailer

Choose your tow vehicle wisely. The weight of the fully loaded trailer should not exceed the vehicle’s tow capacity. You want to be able to not only haul the trailer, but to stop it safely as well. This means investing in a professionally installed hitch and following proper trailer attachment procedures.

Make sure you also choose your trailer wisely, sizing it appropriately for your horse and leaving enough room for all the supplies and gear you will need to carry. The floor should have rubber mats to provide the horse traction and stability. The trailer should also have quick-release safety snaps, plenty of padding and adequate ventilation

Regular Maintenance: What Are You Looking For?

Once every six to 12 months, examine your horse trailer in-depth. Check the frame for cracks, rust and rot. Make sure all wiring is covered and connected. Grease hinges, springs and bearings — all the moving parts.

Take a close look at the brakes and the emergency breakaway system as well. Make repairs as needed and your horse trailer will last much longer than if you wait until a serious problem develops.

Practice Loading Your Horse

Is your horse new to the horse trailer? It’s important to familiarize them with the loading and unloading process before travel day. When it comes time to leave, they won’t be as skittish and stressed if they’re comfortable with their transport digs.

Make sure you use a leather halter or a nylon halter with an emergency breakaway system. Consider applying leg wraps to protect them from bumps and bruises. Also, don’t leave tack on the horse during travel, even for short distances.

Pre-Trip Checks

Before you drive away, do a safety check. First, inspect the tires and ensure they have at least one-quarter inch of tread and are fully inflated, and see that any spare tires are usable.

Check to see if you have a tire jack and roadway safety equipment such as a reflective triangle to warn traffic in the event of a breakdown. If you carry flares, don’t store them in the horse trailer — that’s a fire risk.

Ensure the trailer floor is solid and sturdy. Rotting boards can lead to serious accidents.

Check the hitch, trailer lights and safety chain. Make sure there aren’t any loose bolts or screws anywhere, especially inside, as this can harm the horse.

Trust Frontier Trailers

Are you ready to hit the road? If the answer is yes, have a great trip! If the answer is no, maybe it’s time to replace your horse trailer. We make safety and quality our top priorities for all the horse transport vehicles we sell at Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply. Check out our inventory online or visit us in Spanish Fork.

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