7 Pieces of Roping Advice for the Novice

7 Pieces of Roping Advice for the Novice

So you’re new to the sport and looking for roping advice. You’ve come to the right place! Not only does Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply offer a range of equipment to get you outfitted and ready to rope, we have plenty of tips to help you get started from a skills perspective too.


1. Get Good on the Ground

Do not step foot in the saddle with the intention to rope until you’re an expert on the ground! Roping with a dummy is the best way to learn, and it’s definitely what you need to do first if you want to avoid hours of frustration atop your horse.

2. Strengthen Your Arm

Roping works out so many different muscles in your arm — muscles you probably don’t use on a regular basis for anything else! You’re going to be very sore if you immediately start roping for hours every day, so work your way up slowly to avoid exhaustion or injury.

3. Experiment with Different Types of Ropes

Everyone has different roping advice, including opinions on which type of rope is right for the novice. Take suggestions, but ultimately it’s best to try out a bunch of different kinds of ropes until you find the style you like.

4. Invest in an Experienced Horse

Don’t buy a young, untrained horse and assume it’ll be easy to teach it what to do. You don’t know how to rope yet yourself! It’s worth it to invest in a horse that has been there and done that when it comes to roping.

5. Find Good Ropers Willing to Teach or Attend a Class

Part of growing is admitting you need guidance in the first place. Talk to experienced ropers in your community and ask them to give you pointers. You could also attend a session for beginners and learn the basics in a class setting.

6. Take Riding Lessons to Gain Confidence

If you aren’t all that confident atop a horse, it may be worth your time and money to get riding lessons. Your horse will be able to tell if you’re confident in your directions and they’ll respond better if you’re assertive.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Be the Beginner

Anyone in a position to give roping advice can do so, because they too were once a novice like you. It’s OK to be the one in the learning stage. Don’t let it stop you from attending roping events and immersing yourself in the culture. It’s how you will gain experience and get better!

Trust Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply to provide high-quality roping gear and plenty of roping advice as you immerse yourself in the amazing sport of team roping!

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