Improve Your Team-Roping Abilities with a Fitness Routine

Improve Your Team-Roping Abilities with a Fitness Routine

No one excels at team roping by accident. It takes years of study and practice to become a master, and a fitness routine can help.

Working out the specific muscle groups you use while roping can improve accuracy and stamina.


Boost Upper-Body Power

If a more powerful, controlled swing is your goal, building upper-body strength is key.

Start with pushups. If it’s difficult when you first start out, try modified pushups (from the knees), then build up to ideal form. See how many you can do without stopping, and challenge yourself to top that number the next day.

Tricep dips are another great upper-body workout that yields major results.

Core Strength Is Key

When you have a strong core, you don’t need your reins to help you keep your balance on top of your horse. The two best core exercises are planks and sit-ups. You don’t need a gym or special weights — just use your body weight to work on your abdominal and back muscles.

Leg Workouts Help with Control

Not only are you using your chest, arms, abs and back for team roping, you’re using your legs too.

Start with squats. Squats work almost every muscle in your legs — especially the ones you need for roping and riding. You don’t need to use heavy weights to see progress. By adding weight slowly, you can build up valuable endurance.

Your Horse Needs Conditioning as Well

Your horse needs just as much muscle development as you do to excel at team roping. While practice makes perfect, it helps to vary their exercise routine, adding trail rides or swimming to give them a change of scenery.

Roping Helps You Stay Fit

The good news? Roping is a great way to stay in top physical shape. It’s a physical and mental workout, plus it’s fun! It also helps you have a goal to work toward, and that’s an effective method of staying focused.

Develop a comprehensive fitness routine as a way to reach your goal: being the best roper you can be. If team roping is your sport, you need upper body, core and lower body workouts to continue developing your skills.

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