What Should Your Horse Trailer be Made Of? Aluminum.

What Should Your Horse Trailer be Made Of? Aluminum.

Your horse trailer does more than look pretty — it does the literal heavy lifting when it comes to getting your horses from point A to point B. It’s important to you, and your horse.

From transporting horses down the street to taking them on a cross-country trip, your horse trailer has to be able to take a beating from the elements, the roadway and your horses! It has to be sturdy and durable.


What’s the best horse trailer for the job?

The debate between steel and aluminum has been going on for years. Steel was always the go-to material, until manufacturers started creating lightweight, durable horse trailers from aluminum. Now, there’s a real competition, and for many horse owners, aluminum wins.


Load it Up!

Aluminum is lightweight. It will barely make a dent in your truck or SUV’s tow load capacity. That means you can take along your extra tack without fear of overloading your trailer and taxing your vehicle’s engine. You can take a lot of things — load up your aluminum trailer with all your stuff!

Save Your Gas Mileage

Because the frame is light and tows smoothly, you will save considerably on gas mileage. This adds up if you take your horse on frequent long-distance trips. Also, the less stress you place on your vehicle’s engine, the longer it will last. That’s a definite money-saver, as vehicles capable of pulling a horse trailer are typically quite expensive.

No Rust to Contend With

Here’s the real selling point for aluminum: It doesn’t rust. You still have to clean out your horse trailer, but you don’t have to worry that the urine is corroding or rotting your trailer floor – aluminum can withstand it!

While steel may be known as a tougher alloy, aluminum retains its strength because it doesn’t fall prey to rust like steel.

Retain Resale Value

Since you don’t have to worry about rust, an aluminum trailer usually lasts longer than its steel counterpart, making it easier to sell once you’ve outgrown it or no longer need it. They may cost more than steel up front, but you can recoup your investment easily.

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