Inspecting Horse Tack for Safety

Inspecting Horse Tack for Safety

When your horse tack needs replacing, it’s best not to delay.

A worn piece of leather or a broken stirrup can cause a whole lot of trouble that you can avoid by regularly inspecting your horse tack, and repairing old gear or buying new gear as needed.

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Here’s what to inspect when you’re examining the wear and tear on your horse tack:


If you use a western saddle, make sure the cinch strap isn’t worn or thinning. Whenever leather straps feel thin, it means they’ve been stretched beyond their limits. Always replace weakened leather, because you can no longer depend on it to hold when you need it. Also make sure the cinch strap is firmly attached to the ring.

If you have wooden stirrups, check for cracks. Also, take a look at the underside of the entire saddle. Make sure all of the staples or nails are holding the fleece in place securely. When these loosen, they can poke out and make riding uncomfortable for the horse.

Turnout Blankets

Never put a horse out to pasture with a ripped or frayed turnout blanket. This will endanger your horse — and other horses — because they can get tangled and caught in large rips. Make sure all of the straps are functioning properly as well, because loose, hanging straps are a trip hazard.

Halters and Leads

Halters must be in prime shape, and they have to fit your horse comfortably. Make sure the leather is sturdy. Cracked leather is a sign you should replace your horse tack. Eventually, the cracked parts will break off, and it may happen at an inopportune moment.

If the cracked, worn leather is near a buckle hole, it could compromise the performance of the entire halter.

Also, keep an eye on lead ropes and replace them whenever they start to fray or wear.


Bridles get a lot of use, and their performance is critical to your horse’s comfort and your safety. Just like with leather saddles and halters, check for any weak, stretched areas. Look for fraying and cracking. Check metal buckles and bits too — bits can wear down over time and may need to be replaced, especially if they’re thinning or any sharp pieces are poking your horse.

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