Shop Roping Supplies for the 2021 Rodeo Season

It’s been a long winter, but spring is rolling back with rodeo season 2021 in tow. You’ve trained hard, so this year you should hit the dirt kicking with roping supplies, horse supplies and trailer supplies tough enough to last from May until September. At Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply, we can get you equipped, loaded, geared up and ready to ride, with a wide variety of the best-quality roping accessories, horse equipment and trailers.

Frontier Trailers has been in business for 30 years, and we pride ourselves on our friendly and helpful service. There’s not a question we can’t answer or a specialty item we can’t get for you related to roping and rodeo. No trailer supply store in Utah can set you up like we can.


Roping Supplies

A good rope is essential for every rodeo roper or working ranch roper. Our inspectors ensure that every expertly crafted, handspun rope we carry is durable enough to withstand heat, humidity and all the wear and tear you can dish out on the ranchland or in the arena.

Whether you’re roping calves or team roping steers, we want you to put your best boot forward and lasso the prize.

We carry ropes in a variety of fun colors — blue, red, yellow, purple, green and white — and the finest-quality rosins to keep them in good condition. We have something for everyone:

  • Cactus ropes: These popular lightweight nylon ropes come with a snappy hook and range of diameters, both head and heel. Cactus Buckaroos are good lasso ropes for working cowboys.
  • Lasso ropes: We carry the Spydr Heel Team Rope, which is recommended by rodeo champions for lassos. We also carry the Classic Heat Head Rope, Classic Powerline Lite Head Rope and the Classic NV4 Head Rope.

All our ropes are top notch, but for the most durable and elastic rope, the experts here at Frontier have some recommendations.

  • Team ropes: The header on your team will need a soft, short rope, so we suggest the 31-foot Frontier Fusion. Catching calf or steer feet requires a longer, stiffer rope like the 36-foot Lone Star Titan. This pair will be your best bet to showcase your skills at lightning speed.
  • Calf Rope: A good calf rope is your best friend in the arena. For smooth, breakaway roping, try the Fast Back Iron Silk paired with the Edge.
  • Goat Rope: For kids — four-legged and two-legged — we carry the reliable Lone Star Tomahawk Youth Rope, Cactus Xplosion Kid Rope and Fast Back Bottle Rocket Kid Rope. These favorites and our roping dummy selections will get youngsters hooked on rodeo for life.

Be sure and match your selection with our roping accessories. We have a fine-crafted rope bag to fit every need, from juniors to professionals.

Horse Supplies

Rodeo devotees the world over know the show is really about the horse. Beautiful broncos are your partners until the end, so of course you put your hearts into fiercely protecting and caring for them. Frontier Trailers shares your love by providing only the most humane and state-of-the art products to keep broncos healthy while getting the most out of their performance in the arena.

Frontier not only takes care of you, we take care of your animals. Our stainless-steel shanks, snaffles and bits are designed to evenly distribute pressure to tongue, cheek and parts of the mouth for control without discomfort. Our handsomely designed spurs are contoured for children and adults.

We also carry a wide selection of halter straps and reins, saddles, saddle pads, headstalls and other horse tack. Grooming supplies like hoof picks, Cowboy Magic and BioMane products like horse wash and mane nutrients are always well stocked.

Trailer Supply

Rodeo country is big, from Texas to Montana, Missouri to California. Mileage like that can take a lot out of you, but even more out of a horse stuck in a hot, cramped trailer. Finding the right horse equipment for housing and transportation is important.

Logan coaches are top-of-the-line in horse trailers and Frontier is the No. 1 dealer in Utah. We are also the exclusive Utah dealer for Platinum Coaches. Riders and horses alike will travel in maximum comfort in our trailers, loaded living quarters and stock quarters.

Horses will have ample room in refurbished two- to five-horse Logan models, available now, and 2022 models, available soon. Stalls are comfortably ventilated with padded aluminum dividers. These horse trailers feature sliding bus windows on the tail side, dual four-tier saddle racks, an aluminum brush box, blanket bar, 35-gallon water tank with 12-volt pump, water spigot on the tail side and a 7,500-pound hydraulic jack.

Removable rubber mats allow for easy cleaning in the tack room. Aluminum, whiz-proof, sure-grip flooring and interior lights keep you and your horses safe. And of course, there’s plenty of room to keep your hay.

Logan living quarters feel like home — only unlike being housebound during a pandemic, you get a change of scenery. They come fully outfitted with mattresses, showers, sinks, TVs, radio, toilet, jackknife couches, ample storage, full cooking areas including fridge, fold-down dinette, stove and microwave, and either air conditioning or pop-up roof vents. With a hydraulic jack, dual propane tanks, water tank and batteries, you won’t have to make unplanned stops and lose precious time.

All winter you’ve been dreaming about getting on the open road again. You’ve mastered your roping, bronco riding and steer wrestling techniques. Don’t let subpar horse supplies or unreliable transportation undo your hard work when you make it to the arena. Contact Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply for more information about our products and supplies.

Talk with a friendly, knowledgeable dealer who can get you into a safe, comfortable ride for the season at a reasonable price. Visit Frontier Trailers and Roping Supply in Utah to be outfitted with the best gear today.

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