Your Guide to Cleaning Horse Tack

Your Guide to Cleaning Horse Tack

Cleaning horse tack is a crucial aspect of preserving your expensive gear. Your leather tack was a major investment, and if you want it to last for years, maintenance should be your priority. The better you take care of your horse tack, the longer it will last. It will also be safer for you and your horse to depend on equipment that’s functional and sound.

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Regular Cleaning Is Your Best Bet

After a long, sweaty ride, the last thing you feel like doing is meticulously cleaning every inch of your saddle. It’s understandable — you and your horse are tired and you’re ready to wrap up your day.

But think about this — if you get into the habit of doing a basic wipe-down every day, you’re less likely to need tack repairs or an hours-long monthly tack maintenance session. You will add years to the life of your gear and save time and money as well.

How to Do It

Make it a practice to wipe away sweat and dirt from your saddle with a moist cloth after every ride. After, you can use leather soap and conditioners to clean and seal the pores and prevent cracking. Every tack manufacturer is likely to recommended a different product to use on their equipment. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to get the best results.

Always make sure to focus on areas of the leather that are under pressure during use or where sweat collects. If the tack is particularly grimy, you may want to use a brush to scrub away built-up dirt. This is also a good time to check the leather for damage and make sure every connection is secure.

Don’t Forget Bit Care

Cleaning horse tack includes sanitizing the non-leather components. If you don’t clean the bridle bit for weeks, you’ll have a much tougher time regaining the shine. Rinse the bit after every use and scrub away food particles to keep it smooth and non-abrasive. Your horse will appreciate it.

If you notice the bit is growing tarnished, use a special bit cleaner to remove the discoloration.

Store it Securely

The ideal tack room is temperature-controlled. Extreme heat and cold are detrimental to the health of the leather, so keep your tack out of direct sunlight and in a warm, dry location during the winter months. Also take care to control rodent infestations. Mice will prey on your leather if they gain access to your tack room.

Are you looking to replace your outdated tack? Besides offering plenty of suggestions on cleaning horse tack, our team can help you find the right equipment to fit your horse and your riding style. Visit Frontier Trailers & Roping Supply today in Spanish Fork, Utah.

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