How to Pick the Perfect Rope for Roping

It is no secret that the world of team roping has evolved dramatically over the last 30 years. With the introduction of classification systems and National Organizations the sport has been changing and growing at a very rapid pace. I think the place this is most apparent is in our rope room here at Frontier Roping Supply.

I get to visit with several customers almost daily that are new to our sport who are completely overwhelmed at the number of different ropes available today. There is every color imaginable, different lengths, different lays, ranch ropes, calf ropes and team ropes. As these customers stand in awe in the middle of the room they all seem to have the same question;

Which Rope should I Use?

As every seasoned roper could tell you, there are many factors in choosing the perfect rope. It is a personal choice that is developed over the course of countless runs in the arena. For the new comer the factors are much different. Following is a list of common questions and answers we get here at Frontier Roping Supply:

Following is a list of common questions and answers we get here at Frontier Roping Supply:

How Much Do They Cost?

For the average person just getting started into the roping industry, cost is a major consideration. They have usually just spent an astronomical amount of money getting their first horse, truck and trailer. Now it is time to get the tools and the sticker shock still has not worn off.

That is where our own Frontier Ropes comes in. When we first introduced our ropes, value and quality were our primary goals. We offer a top quality product at an affordable price to ropers of all levels. Our advice is always to start with a rope that fits your budget because you are going to have to experiment with several before you find “the one."

How Long Will it Last?

With the price of the ropes today, everyone is concerned with longevity. Several factors determine how long your rope will last, most importantly, how you care for the rope while using it.

If you are heading in the practice pen and your rope drags to the bottom after each run, it will “fuzz up” and wear out more quickly. Try to keep your ropes out of the direct heat and coil them up with the loop in the rope when possible. These tips will all help increase the life of the rope.

Which Lay Should I Get?

It seems all beginners struggle right at first to perfect their swings and the stiffer the rope the harder it is to handle. We feel it is easiest to start with a rope that is fairly soft to either rope the sled, or the dummy of even live cattle. Softer ropes seem to be more forgiving and makes the whole process a little easier.

This is just the start of what we hope to be many great articles on how to enjoy the roping world and compete if that's your plan. It's a great hobby and a perfect family sport that everyone can enjoy.

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